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Sons of Njemanze Iheancho  
Messages from Ozuruigbo (V) of Owerri Eze Emmanuel Emenyonu Njemanze
July 2009

The Chairman
Njemanze Royal Family Meeting
United States of America

On behalf of myself and the entire Njemanze Royal Family of the Owerri ancient kingdom, I sincerely support and heartily congratulate you on the coming together of the members of the Royal Family to form a forum for togetherness in far away America.

The Royal Family has grown into the third if not the fourth generation. This being the case, many do not know themselves here at home. If identifying each other at home is not easy, obviously those in diaspora who live far distances from each other may find it more difficult.

It is therefore a thing of joy that despite barriers of distance, your thoughtfulness has given birth to knowing each other and thus creating a forum for meeting.

I have no doubt in my mind that those of us in other continents of the planet will follow suit. Thanks to the website.

As princes and princesses I urge you to uphold the dignity and decorum deserving of royal birth.

Always look before you leap. Beware of rumours that may hurt and endeavour to seek to know the truth to enable peace to thrive.

May peace and progress be yours as I pray God to grant you his mercies, blessing, guidance and protection, good health and good cheer now and always.

My appreciation,

Ozuruigbo of Owerri
Paramount Ruler of Owerri