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Sons of Njemanze Iheancho  

Successful people build each other up. They motivate, inspire and push each other. Unsuccessful people just hate, blame and complain. We must move forward and not backwards.
History is on our side. The great advice from my beloved brother Prince Charles Njemanze.
"A people whose youths have no hope have no future"- Engr (Pastor) Tony Mba president world Owerri people congress USA.
It doesn't take a rocket scientist or a psychic to understand that the youth of any nation is it's
biggest asset.
America elected it's first black president in 2008 because president Obama's presidential campaign team was able to empower, mobilize and turn out American youth and women on
election day.
Our youth is our future and our only hope of maintaining our tradition, culture and native land.
Many years ago I was an Owerre youth with a lot of dreams just like the ones today. My dream was made possible by other members of our society that knew and understood the importance of helping our youth succeed. As a citizen of Owerre we must all stand up today and start making decisions, policies and proposals that will empower and benefit our youths.
We must design programmes and activities that will encourage, support and at least give our youth hope, knowing someone cares. I have said it once and will say it again; An Idle mind is a criminal mind. We must strive to keep our youth healthy and busy both mentally and spiritually or we will fail as a society.
Free education is a great gift but unemployment upon graduation negates the efforts.
We must stop building prisons and hotels and use the resources to build industries, trade centers and rehabilitation hospitals to help our youths with emotional and depressive issues caused by stress, depression and chemical imbalance of some sort which might be beyond their control. Boredom, depression, unemployment and untreated mental disorder can only increase violence and crime rate.
If we as a community cannot willingly help our youth to stabilize through good jobs, physical activities and other opportunities, I suggest we stop complaining when our crime rate sky rockets.
Being in the medical field I see and serve a lot of American youths daily with emotional issues. Some of those issues are inherited genetically, but are very well controlled through rehabilitation and adequate medications. America protects their youths and hence has several benefits and opportunities to help rehab those children even the ones in prison. They do not watch them roam the streets naked and unattended like we do with all the mentally ill people running around naked in owerre streets. There is a need for a rehab hospital in our state.
Our youth is our future and we can do better.
My brother Charles and I joined the World Owerri People Congress USA (WOPC) in 2014 because we wanted an honest and legitimate home town organization that will work hard to better our communities especially our youths. We have been blessed and are fortunate to work with a true and original Owerre son; President Tony Mba, a man of God whose priority is our youth and to make "Owerre Anyi" a better place. My honourable president I salute you. His dedication and passion for our home town gives me the courage to work harder for our cause. The WOPC soccer committee has worked very hard to make this soccer tournament a reality.

I hope this trophy will continue his legacy for our youths. I wake up every day without fear for owerre because of our youths. When there is war fear not, our youths will fight. If the government wants to take our land, our youths will lay on it till they die.

But we couldn't have made this possible without the tireless efforts of our philanthropist, a true and powerful son of Naze-OWERRE, our beloved Chief Theo Egbujor who is on the ground and making things happen. "Nda Theo, biri kwa ooooooh.”
At the 2014 convention in Tennessee USA, I was so proud as I watched and listened to my fellow Azuanuka Dame Comfort Obi OON, the first female to ever address a WOPC convention electrify the crowd as she outlined her efforts in helping the youths of Owerre secure jobs upon graduation. She gave them hope and choices in life and reassured them that someone cares. A very humble but powerful Azuanuka Ekele!!!.
The WOPC sponsored soccer championship for Owerre youths is a good start for our youth to stay healthy and the trophy for the championship was donated in memory of my late parents Eze and Ugoeze Alexius Anumaku Njemanze.
My dad, the late Eze Anumaku Njemanze was very outspoken and protected the rights of Owerre youths and people in general. I hope this trophy will continue his legacy for our youths. I wake up every day without fear for owerre because of our youths. When there is war fear not, our youths will fight. If the government wants to take our land, our youths will lay on it till they die.
If we are threatened by any state, our youths will rise up and fight to protect our dignity. For all our youths do to protect us they ask for nothing but our love, support and opportunities. We can do better for our society and we owe them that little.
WOPC USA will continue to fight to make our community a better place. To all the Owerre youths I say never give up because I believe in GOD EVEN WHEN HE IS SILENT.
May God bless us all.
Stella Njemanze Neboh