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Sons of Njemanze Iheancho
and children abroad.


This web page is meant for the children,grand children and great grand children of the late EZE NJEMANZE IHEANACHO of blessed memory who died on May 19th 1920. The importance of this site is to assist in bringing all of us together.

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2010 Almanac


If we as Nde Owerre can pick each other up and support each other with simple encouraging words as we deal with life unpredictable miseries, I believe No Owerre son or daughter shall completely fall to the cemented floor alone or cry without a shoulder to rest his or her head. We are stronger together.
-Stella Njemanze Neboh

Message from Ozuruigbo (V) of Owerri

The Irreplaceable Legacy of HRH Ogwe Ozurigbo IV Of Owere Eze Ogoeze Alexius Anumaka Njemanze - Pictures

"Nakwa Echeki" - The Original Story. March 14, 1988. Eze Alexius Anumaku Njemanze (Oke Oshishi of Owere)